Whatsapp Spy Tricks: Want to Spy on someone?

By | March 1, 2018

Here are four great WhatsApp spy tricks, some of which are easy and others which are more advanced. Keep in mind that you need an Android for most of these tricks, save the third, which only requires a computer.

If you want to get more information on what a significant other or friend is doing on WhatsApp, there are several tricks that can help you monitor when they’re online, read their message history and much more.

Whatsapp Spy Tricks

1. Tracking When a User Is Online

Sure, you can see when someone is on WhatsApp by viewing their profile, assuming they have chosen to turn on the Last Seen feature. But that doesn’t help if the user has that feature off, and it requires you to check their profile throughout the day.

The Best Whatsapp Spy Tricks is to install WhatsDog. Since this app isn’t listed on Google Play, you’ll need to go to the WhatsDog website to download it.

Using WhatsDog is as easy as it gets. After installation, open the app. It will prompt you to select who you want to monitor (this must be someone in your contacts). You can then check WhatsDog at any time to see when the user has been online. WhatsDog also sends you a notification any time the user comes online.

You’re only able to monitor one of your contacts at a time this way, unless you’re using a rooted phone and have installed Titanium backup pro. Otherwise, it’s just one contact, and to switch which contact you’re monitoring, you must delete the WhatsDog data on your phone.

2. Best Whatsapp Spy Tricks : Read a User’s Messages

To read a user’s messages, you’re going to need access to their phone for at least a short period of time. That’s because you must install the Backup Text for WhatsApp, which is available on Google Play.

Open the app and you’ll need to set up everything. You can choose how you wish to filter messages, with the options being by chat, date or message type. You will also need to choose what file type you want for this message backup. The “txt” file type is one of the more readable options.

Finally, you must select where you’re going to export the backup. You can choose the SD card or an email address. The latter is the better choice, and you can enter whatever email you like.

3. Mirroring a User’s WhatsApp Account with WhatsApp Web

This also requires you to have access to the user’s phone, as well as their WhatsApp account. Start by getting their phone and opening WhatsApp. Tap the menu button, and then tap WhatsApp Web.

From WhatsApp Web, tap the plus icon in the upper-right corner. This will bring up a QR code scanner.

On your computer, go to web.whatsapp.com. This site is currently only supported in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. When you go to that site, there will be a QR code for you to scan using the phone.

Scanning the code gives you a mirror of the WhatsApp account on your computer. Of course, if you do anything with the account from your computer, such as opening an unread message, the user could catch on that someone else has access to their account. And if they decide to log out of WhatsApp everywhere using their phone, that will cut off your mirror.

4. Mirroring a User’s WhatsApp Account on Your Phone

This is by far the most challenging of these WhatsApp spy tricks, as it requires you to implement MAC address spoofing. You’ll need access to the user’s phone for a decent amount of time.

Start by locating the MAC address, which is available through the Settings menu (the exact path will depend on whether it’s an Android, iPhone or Windows Phone). You must then alter your Android’s MAC address to the MAC address on the target phone. There are guides available on how to do this, as it’s an in-depth process.

Once you’ve spoofed the MAC address for your phone, you can download WhatsApp and set it up using the target’s phone number. WhatsApp will send an authorization text, which means you’ll need to get it from the other phone, and then delete the message to avoid leaving any evidence. After you’ve done that, you’re done and you can see all their WhatsApp activity.

If you want to monitor someone’s WhatsApp use, the methods above are the best options. Just be careful when you set them up, because you certainly don’t want the user catching you. Not only could they shut down your spy trick, but they could also get you in legal trouble.

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