Best Way to Spy WhatsApp Activity online

By | February 22, 2018

Let’s say that you want to Spy WhatsApp of someone Activity, including who they’re messaging and what kinds of messages they’re sending. Maybe this is a boyfriend or girlfriend, and you have this nagging feeling that something is going on behind your back. Perhaps it’s your child, and you want to make sure they’re not getting themselves in any trouble. Or it could be a company phone, and you want to verify that it’s only being used for business activities.

Spy Whatsapp

This guide will cover how you can monitor WhatsApp on an Android without needing to root the phone. We’ll start with how you could do this in the past, and then move on to tips to spy WhatsApp that work in the here and now.

The Good Old Days of Spy WhatsApp

It may seem strange to get nostalgic about spying on WhatsApp activity, but it’s true that this used to be significantly easier. The second version of WhatsApp was released in 2009, and at that time, recording messages for a user’s WhatsApp was very simple. You could do this using just about any phone, and all that you needed to do was get the data transmissions from the target device.

This meant that you could spy WhatsApp activity even if you never had access to the phone itself. If you wanted to steal a user’s login credentials, that didn’t take much effort, either.

A security issue this glaring obviously wasn’t going to last forever, and updates to WhatsApp and Android fixed the problem. As you may have noticed if you’ve sent any messages on WhatsApp, the service now has end-to-end encryption for all messages. So, if anyone used the old method of getting data transmissions, all they would have is encrypted data.

The workaround for this is to root the Android device, and then install a spy app. You needed to root the device so that you’d be able to give that spy app admin privileges, enabling it to copy all WhatsApp messages before they go through the encryption process. Here’s the good news – you don’t need to root the device thanks to the method below.

How to Spy WhatsApp Activity Now with Zero Rooting

First things first – if you’re looking for tips to spy WhatsApp messages without ever accessing the target device, you’re out of luck. You can’t steal messages out of thin air anymore, and any supposed method that allows you to view messages without ever accessing the target phone is a sham.

But you can log WhatsApp activity without rooting the device, and all it takes is a spy app with a keylogger feature. A keylogger on a phone works very similarly to how a keylogger on a computer does. It logs all the keystrokes the user makes on their phone, giving you the ability to see every message they write, not just on WhatsApp but on anything. You may also end up scoring their login credentials to certain apps and sites.

Of course, since a keylogger only logs keystrokes, you won’t see the messages the user receives, only the ones they send. However, if you end up getting their login credentials, you could use those to log into an account and view conversation history that way.

Note that not all spy apps offer keylogging, meaning you need to find a high-quality app that does. There are some great options out there, and you’ll also get to take advantage of your spy app’s other features. These typically include:

  • Records of all incoming and outgoing phone calls with their time, date, duration, and the name or number of the other caller
  • Email history
  • Browsing history
  • Tracking the phone’s locations through GPS
  • Monitoring SMS and MMS messages

How to Get Started Spy Whatsapp:

When you’re sure that you want to track someone’s WhatsApp activity, you’ll want to find a spy app you can trust with a user-friendly interface. Make sure that it offers keylogging, as that will ensure you see what they’re writing on WhatsApp and elsewhere. You should also check the version of the spy app, as some have free and premium versions, with the premium versions being the ones with all the advanced features.

After that comes the hard part, which is getting the spy app installed on the target device. It’s best to do this while you have some time. Even though it doesn’t take too long to get a spy app installed and setup, you want to ensure that you have time to do everything correctly. Once it’s installed, you’ll be good to go and can keep track of the user’s communications.

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