Ultimate Guide: How to Monitor WhatsApp Chat

By | February 21, 2018

This article will go over the necessary steps in order to successfully monitor WhatsApp chat and log the Messenger with cell phone spy software. Many people are not sure whether or not one is able to actually log such chat programs. Simply put, it is possible.

Every service has limitations, making it essential to actually check and pick a provider that can satisfy all of your needs. Such monitor whatsapp chat is helpful for worrisome parents to check in on their children’s phones, vigilant bosses to ensure productivity, and even those who are concerned about information being shared to unauthorized parties.

monitor WhatsApp chat

What is WhatsApp Messenger?

WhatsApp Messenger is a free chat application that gives you the capabilities to live text with others. The app grants you the ability to create groups and share pictures and other media with others. By using an internet connection to function, the software keeps you from racking up texting fees from your carrier. By simply connecting to Wi-Fi, you can communicate constantly without any worry of how much it costs. It’s free and rich nature has made WhatsApp one of the most used apps of its kind.

Why monitor WhatsApp chat?

As mentioned, there are a number of reasons why one might want to monitor WhatsApp chat. Children, for example, with cell phones and tablets may be in need of supervision by their parents. Spying on their messages allows you to have some sort of control over their internet usage.

For small business owners, monitoring WhatsApp chat between employees both ensures productivity and improves security for your company devices. Many tracking services will even allow you to fine tune your monitoring to better fit your needs.

There are a few things you’ll want to look for when picking out a monitoring software. If the software you’re looking into fails to provide some of these features, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.

The service you pick should give you the ability to save WhatsApp chats and log them, access pictures and videos in the chat, view all WhatsApp contacts, view location coordinates, and save media files and logs to your providers service.

Best Spy Apps for WhatsApp Monitoring:

We’ll now walk through some of the best choices for WhatsApp monitoring. These programs will meet all or most of the qualifications list above.

Mspy Monitoring:

The first program you’ll want to consider is mSpy. The solid support and cross-platform compatibility alone make this a tempting choice. However, truly making it a top option is the wide variety of features mSpy offers.

This program will give you compatibility for a wide range of platforms, including Skype, Viber, Facebook, iMessenger and even Snapchat. Their sleek web panel gives you advanced features like theft protection, parental control and alerts, and a complete keylogger to record keystrokes from the target device, among others.

FlexiSpy Monitoring:

Next, you’ll want to take a look at FlexiSpy in your search. This service offers you compatibility with both Android and iPhone with WhatsApp messages. Furthermore, like mSpy, FlexiSpy gives you access to Facebook, Snapchat and the rest. In their highest package, you can even take remote control of the microphone and camera of the target device. FlexiSpy, while lacking on the parental control side, gives you a wide array of cell phone monitoring compatibility to satisfy your needs.

Mobistealth Monitoring:

Finally, you’ll definitely want to consider Mobistealth. This is a great service, particular when you consider its relatively cheap cost. WhatsApp Messenger support ranges across iPhone and Android, though their list of messenger apps beyond that is rather short compared to other programs. Particularly hurting this program is the lack of Snapchat and Facebook compatibility. However, unlike mSpy, Mobistealth dos offer remote microphone control and call recording. Mobistealth, while limited, is a solid low-cost option for those on a budget.

As far as apps to avoid, Mobile Spy and PhoneSheriff lack the ability to operate in stealth, a great disservice considering their high cost. Now the target device will receive notifications upon activation of monitoring, somewhat defeating the purpose.

Mobile Device Monitoring:

Something else to consider is your device itself. There are very key requirements your device needs to meet before you go out and drop some cash on a monitoring software.
For Android, the most important requirement is that the device is rooted. While an unrooted device will still be able to Monitor WhatsApp Chat and Phone Calls, programs like WhatsApp and Facebook, among others, do require a rooted phone to monitor.

iPhones are very similar in this regard, requiring a jailbreak to even download a spy app. While PhoneSheriff does off an un-jailbroken version, this does not allow you the ability to monitor WhatsApp as well as a number of other missing features. No service is currently available for Windows Phones, Blackberry, or Nokia.

Benefits of using spy apps like Mobile Spy and mSpy for WhatsApp

To just reiterate, we’ll hit some of the main benefits of using a spy app one more time. Spy apps will give you visibility on third-party chat in order to protect information or keep attackers at bay. Furthermore, you’ll be able to keep tabs on new contacts, keeping an eye out for bad employees and, in a parent’s case, predators.

Finally, for business owners, you’ll be able to boost your productivity levels by keeping your employers away from time-wasting activities.

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