How to Monitor Phone’s Text Messages without Using an App

By | February 22, 2018

If you’ve found yourself curious about who your spouse or kids are messaging, then it may be a good idea How to Monitor Phone’s text messages. Of course, you need to be discreet about this to get an accurate idea of what’s going on, and the good news is that there are a few effective ways to spy WhatsApp messages, standard SMS messages and messages sent through other apps.

how to Monitor a Phone

While many methods require you to set up apps on the target phone, there are alternatives that don’t. Here are your best options for both iPhone and Android devices.

Check Their Messages on iCloud

Your task will be relatively easy if the target is any Apple device, including the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and the user syncs that device’s data to their iCloud account. When data syncing is setup, any SMS messages, MMS messages and iMessages will get backed up when the device has a Wi-Fi connection.

Now, you’re going to need the user’s iCloud account info, as this method requires you to log in to that account. To get the messages, you must install a software for extracting iCloud backups on the computer you’ll be using.

If you want any other data that has been backed up, software like this can typically extract that, as well. Perhaps the best software option is UltData, which can get you any backed up data.

When you run the program, you’ll be prompted to enter the login credentials for the iCloud account. If you use UltData, you’ll have your pick of what data backups you wish to extract, meaning this is one of the best ways to spy WhatsApp, Viber and any other messaging apps, if the target uses more than just traditional SMS and iMessages. The user won’t receive any notifications to alert them about what’s going on.

See Their Most Recent Messages Online with SMS-Peeper

While the method above is highly effective, it requires your target to be using an iPhone and backing up their data regularly. Plus, you’ll need access to their iCloud account. It will essentially only be an option in a limited number of circumstances. A more versatile option is using the online service called SMS-Peeper.

Using SMS-Peeper is quick and easy. You’ll start by visiting the service’s website, which is There will be three fields to fill out. Here is How to Monitor Phone :

  • First, choose the country you live in from the dropdown menu.
  • Second, type in the phone number for the target device.
  • Final Fields, type in your email address.

Once you’ve done that, you can select the Get Messages option and wait while SMS-Peeper runs, which usually takes a couple minutes. What the service does is intercept the 50 most recent incoming messages and the 50 most recent outgoing messages.

They still reach their destinations, but you can take a look at them. Although you don’t have much control over what you see this way, you can get an idea of who the user is communicating with.

Trying a Whatsapp Spy App

The previous two methods are nonintrusive and require no app installation, making them very convenient. The downside to that convenience is that the methods are also limited. If you’re willing to know How to Monitor Phone, you can get a much more thorough look at what’s going on.

Spyzie is one such spy app that can help you get all kinds of information. When you use Spyzie, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Read all the messages sent and received on the phone, including SMS messages, MMS messages and messages sent through apps
  • See what websites the user has visited
  • View the phone’s calendar and any items on it, which is great if you have company phones that you’ve issued to employees

Final Thoughts about How to Monitor Phone:

If you’re interested in tracking what’s happening with a phone, there are plenty of ways to do so. It all depends on what you want to track and what steps you’re willing to take to get the desired information. While installing a spy app provides you with the most information, there are simpler methods available, as well.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking you may be the target who has someone tracking their phone, the best choice is to wipe the data on it completely. You can do this with an app, such as the Tenorshare iCareFone Cleaner. Although it can be inconvenient to erase all your phone’s data, it’s better than having it monitored by a third party, and a full wipe is worth the peace of mind.

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