Check Up on Your Kids or Employees with WhatsApp Spy

By | February 22, 2018

WhatsApp Spy is a free mobile program that you can install on your kids’ or employees’ phones without them knowing. Once the program is installed, it gives the option to see WhatsApp messages, including any video or audio files attached to the message.

You can also record phone calls, and use the camera on the phone to take secret pictures. The app also allows you to see MMS and SMS messages, Facebook messages with any audio or video attachments, activity on the browser, calendar information, contact list, and the GPS location of the phone. All of this recorded information is stored online so you can access it anywhere you have Internet access.

whatsapp spy

To sign up and start using the WhatsApp Spy program, you have to sign up for a new account by entering an email address and password. Then, you can install the spy app on the mobile device using your online account information. Once the app is installed, you can keep track of all of the gathered information by logging into your online account.

Features Included in theWhatsApp Spy App

1- Location Services

The WhatsApp Spy automatically keeps track of the GPS location of the phone its installed on and stores this information on your online account. Despite the constant GPS tracking, the app does not drain the phone’s battery quickly due to the use of algorithm with energy efficient characteristics.

2- Phone Call Recording

The program keeps a record of all phone calls sent and received by the phone. The recorded information includes the contact information associated with the phone call and how long the call lasted. Once this information is recorded it is sent immediately to your online account.

3- Stays Secret

Even if you install the app on a phone that is not rooted, the app is hard for your kid or employee to find unless they know exactly what to look for on their phone.

4- Monitors MMS, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messages

A record of all the incoming and outgoing MMS, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook messages are sent to your online account. This includes any audio or video files that are attached to these messages. The app records these messages even if the phone user tries to delete the messages from his phone.

5- Keep Track of Multiple Devices

With one account, you can track the activity of up to five different Android devices, including phones and tablets.

6- Takes Pictures with the Front Camera

Each time that the user unlocks the phone, the front camera automatically takes a picture and sends it to your online account.

7- Monitors All Internet Activity

The app sends information about everything the user does on the Internet browser even if the phone user uses the Incognito mode on the browser.

8- Notification for SIM Card Change

If the user of the phone changes the SIM card, the app notifies you through your online account.

Great Tool for Parents

Many parents are hesitant to give their children smart phones or other mobile devices. A positive aspect of giving your child a smart phone is you can always reach them wherever he is. However, the phone can also be a distraction for your child in school or at home, and can possibly put your child in danger.

This mobile spy program provides parents with the peace of mind of knowing what their children are doing on their phones. This app lets you know if your child is playing games or browsing Internet sites while at school or doing homework. You can also be alerted immediately if your child makes contact with a stranger, or participates in other risky behavior that could put his safety at risk.

Great Tool for Employers

Besides parents, employers may also find the spy app useful for keeping track of employees’ actions. If your company has a lot of employees to manage, it can be difficult to make sure everyone is on task. Slacking off or poor work ethics are often problems in environments where employees know no one is watching them.

By installing the spy app on employees’ phones, you will be able to monitor their actions throughout the work day. Because your employees know they are being monitored in this way, they will become more productive and work more than before.

Completely Free to Download

Even with all of these advantages and features,WhatsApp Spy is completely free for all users. There are no upgrades to purchase or hidden features that are only unlocked with a premium version. Using this program on your kids’ phones allows you to feel better about them having access to the Internet and other apps through their smart phone. Employers will find that they can decrease their own work load by having the spy program monitor employees’ actions throughout the work day.

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