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Whatsapp Spy Tricks: Want to Spy on someone?

Here are four great WhatsApp spy tricks, some of which are easy and others which are more advanced. Keep in mind that you need an Android for most of these tricks, save the third, which only requires a computer. If you want to get more information on what a significant other or friend is doing on WhatsApp, there… Read More »

How to Spy WhatsApp Conversations Without Anyone Having a Clue

There could be a number of reasons that you would want to spy WhatsApp conversations. Maybe you have a child in the house, who has recently gotten involved with the wrong crowd, or perhaps your partner has been spending more time at work without explanation. If you smell smoke, then usually your intuitions are right and there is… Read More »

How to Monitor Phone’s Text Messages without Using an App

If you’ve found yourself curious about who your spouse or kids are messaging, then it may be a good idea How to Monitor Phone’s text messages. Of course, you need to be discreet about this to get an accurate idea of what’s going on, and the good news is that there are a few effective ways to spy WhatsApp… Read More »

Best Way to Spy WhatsApp Activity online

Let’s say that you want to Spy WhatsApp of someone Activity, including who they’re messaging and what kinds of messages they’re sending. Maybe this is a boyfriend or girlfriend, and you have this nagging feeling that something is going on behind your back. Perhaps it’s your child, and you want to make sure they’re not getting themselves in… Read More »

Using Text Message To Spy Whatsapp on Target Phone

One of the most popular of these texting services is WhatsApp, and although most people are secure their messages are safe, a few have found some creative ways to spy Whatsapp without installing app on the target phone. Technology continues to change at break-neck speeds these days, and instant messaging is something in common on the billions of… Read More »